We are K + A Alesandrini, and Little Alexander is our family business.

We see life as an adventure, and working for ourselves allows us the freedom to stay flexible and seek out new inspiration from wherever it is calling. 

Little Alexander began as an idea while we were living in Seattle, Washington, surrounded by city and water and mountains. It became a reality when we moved to a farmhouse in rural Iowa with prairie flowers and chickens and honeybees. It supported us as we explored Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a beautiful city full of hills and happenings. It continues to grow, along with our young son, back in Seattle again. We take inspiration from everywhere we go. We’re already looking forward to places we might live next.

We try to live simply and according to our values. Little Alexander reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship, and we give ten percent of our income away to people and causes we feel privileged to support. 

We’re nerds for beauty, and from graffiti on rusty train cars to snow capped mountain wilderness, we find it everywhere. We feel fortunate to be able to spend our days making beautiful things to share with others.