We are K + A Alesandrini, and Little Alexander is our family business.

We live and work in a white 1895 farmhouse on 3 acres of land outside of Lewis, Iowa, population of 433. Our home is an island of trees and unruly grass in the middle of cornfield covered rolling hills. We have a big vegetable garden and chickens, and we are working to restore part of our property to tall grass prairie. 


We began Little Alexander when we moved here from Seattle back in 2010. We love working together and being able to work our schedules around important things like playing with our son and making good food. 

We try to live simply and according to our values. We give ten percent of our income away to people and causes we feel privileged to support. 


We find beauty in many things, and we like to surround ourselves with it, in the places we travel and the places we live, in the objects we keep and the people we love. We feel fortunate to be able to spend our days making beautiful things to share with others.